Friday, August 26, 2005

Peterborough Beer Festival Part Deux

Tonight I went to the beer festival again. It would be rude not to. I mean they went to all this trouble to put it on. The least I can do is accept their kind invitation to attend. Now this is embarrassing, this is a very good friend of mine, he spent a year going round the world and I can't remember his name. He got mugged in Ecuador (I think). But he had a great time travelling the world. Now he's back and at the Beer Festival. This beer festival Part Deux is mainly due to Cattiva. Who wanted to experience the fest vacariously. So on her behalf I've had a fucking good time. And to all my other blogger friends, Doctor Rob, Alan, Andre,
Zoe, Debs, steve, Natalie, Annie, Alf, Mick, Scary, Nica, Bromman. This is for you. I wish you all were here. There's nothing like a beer festival.


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