Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wild flower weekend

It's amazing what you can find when you start looking for stuff. This is a bracket fungus. Don't ask me which one because I'm no expert on fungi. But it's pretty cool anyway. My children and I are planning an on line flower identification website. You can get your collins guides, but it's a nightmare to find stuff. So we're planning a site where you click on various factors. Like "Month of the year", "Colour of flower". Etc. By doing this it will narrow down the options. So when you click "find" you have a selection of flowers to choose from. If you're still not sure you can push the "more" button and get alternative photos showing leaves and other views of the plant to make sure of identification. So far I have taken 800 photos of wild flowers. I haven't even scratched the surface of the subject yet. I started of taking photos of the obvious flowers. Then the more rare. I've had to start travelling to far off places to find particular plants to photograph. Witness tourists wandering around picking posies of rare flowers to take home for their mums. I've seen people walking around picking these rare flowers then dumping them at the gate of the reserve. What are they thinking? So this is what I'm doing. I'm photographing wild flowers for you. So that you can, maybe appreciate what we have in this country. So that while you're walking the dog (or the children) you can say "I know that flower" it's.... A lot of flowers have medicinal properties or are poisonous. At a later date I hope to put on a website all of this stuff as well. So below please enjoy a few of the highlights of this weekend. It aint Rock and Roll I know, but this is nature. Appreciate what you've got while you can. It may not be here next year. Actually it probably will. But maybe one less than last year. If you and I don't care enough to protect what we've got. Today I met a man and his boy. The boy was intent on snapping a tree trunk in half. I collared him before he managed it and showed him some "Deadly Nightshade" the boy said "Cool" The father said "Maybe I should take more notice of what's about." I thought "Result!" So enjoy the following.


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