Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I got a 12 string and I'm gonna use it

It's less than two weeks before the first gig of my new band. We've been rehearsing like mad. My old band Ad Hock never rehearsed. We never rehearse on principle. From the very first day I joined that band I was expected to just get on stage and play. It didn't matter that they never told me what song we were playing next or what key we were going to be playing it in. I had a matter of milliseconds to work it out, then catch up. But it was a lot of fun. last year we had been to the beer festival and Del and I were totally plastered. We were in the beer garden of our local and Del got the call. A gig had been cancelled, can we fill in at short notice? Del was standing there mobile in hand clinging onto the fence. He swayed a little. Thought about it, and said "Yeah! We'll be there."
"Shit Del! We're pissed we can't play tonight."
"I need the money,and anyway we've got two hours to sober up."
So we dashed of home to get our kit together. Me for my 12 string and my Mandolin, Del to go home and get some sleep, which I thought was pointless.
We got to O'Niells bar and fell through the door.
Tony was totally sober,but resisted saying anything. I could tell he was really pissed with us.
We started playing after Tony had set up. The first set was appalling. I swear at one point, that we all started playing three different songs at the same time. After fifty minutes we came off stage. Del said "I know what the problem is."
"What's that?"
"Not enough beer. We need more beer." So he ordered another round. Then he said "We're getting there, we need another drink each." Eeeek!
So more drinks were ordered. Tony said "we're on in five minutes."
Del said "Best we have a beer each to take on stage with us. Just to make sure."
So more beer was ordered.
We staggered on stage. Now you must realise that this was the weekend of the peterborough Beer festival and the whole audience had been to the festival as well and they were just as pissed as we were.
The second set was incredible we played like we were fucking demons.
At the end Del said "told you so. All we needed was more beer." I'll drink to that.
So tonight we were rehearsing again. With my new band with no name. Some one suggested "Mike Da hat and friends". But I'm not convinced. So if you've any suggestions shout them out.
Snadra never turned up. She was with her beloved.He's off on tour of America this week with his band and it's her last chance for a shag. So I think I'll forgive her that one. No excuses next week though.
Simon thinks he's sold his Lotus Esprit so he'll be buying his J200 very soon.
That's it. Tune in same time same channel for the next installment.

May your God be with you

Rock on



Blogger Quink said...

And I was only reading a letter in the Daily Telegraph at the weekend in which a Peterborough based reader described the city as a 'cultural desert'. She's clearly not going to the right gigs... Keep it up!

8:11 am  

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