Tuesday, December 14, 2004


This morning after I wrote the latest post my ex-wife phoned me. MY Gemmalah was really ill. She needed to go to hospital fast. She'd been vomiting all night and was in a real state.
Go back a week. She got ill at university and went to the doctor complaining of a stomach ache. Get this. The Doctor said "Well if you take class A drugs what do you expect?"
My Gemmalah wouldn't know a Class A drug if it was labelled and put in front of her.
So the next day she went to see another Doctor. He said "You need to drink more water."
So she went back to her room at university and started drinking lot's of water. She got more ill. By Friday she was very ill. She went a third time and the third Doctor told her she had a kidney infection. He gave her a prescription.
By the time she got back to her room she was so ill she couldn't make it to the chemist.
Sunday I went to collect her as planned from university.She looked rough but didn't say much about it. I didn't think anything of it and took her home. Perhaps I should have but she wasn't complaining to much.
This morning my ex phoned me at 6:45am she'd been up with Gemmalah all night. She'd been vomiting continuously.
So bleary eyed and tired I rushed over in my car to rescue my baby.We took her to hospital. She was seen in less than five minutes.Which must be a record. They pumped her full of antibiotics and said that was all they could do and sent her home.

The funny thing was when I went to get her to take her to hospital she said "I need my foxy" Now Foxy is a soft toy, a stuffed fox. She was like a six year old with her favourite toy. I didn't laugh. She staggered to my car clutching "Foxy". She walked into the Doctors surgery clutching "Foxy". Gemmalah is nineteen years old. But for that moment she was my baby again. Two weeks ago she had mumps. She was very ill with that too.

She is a lovely girl. You would love her if you met her. She is very special.
She's nineteen but she's still my little baby.

You know when she was little I would play guitar and I trained her to clap whenever I finished playing a song. She would be sitting in her bouncy chair at my feet and I'd been playing guitar. One foot on her chair to bounce her. When I finished playing I trained her to clap and say "Yeah!". She was so small.

Do you know to this day she still makes the same sounds and she's nineteen years old. She still claps and waves her arms. It's so cute. She was my baby and she still is. The difference is she is 19 years 0lder. We have progressed from being Father and Daughter. Now we are best friends. More importantly we are equals. She can now teach me stuff. It used to be I was the teacher and she was the pupil. But now its different. And I love it. She is teaching me.

I forgot to switch on the iPod so nothing is playing


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