Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gratitude and gratuitous bums

This is the only photo you'll ever get of the man who should not be named. It's his hands, not the bum. He said to me "I need to get more gratitude" "Gratitude?" asks I.
"Yeah Theres this guy who just won a T-shirt in the raffle and he's made up, he's happy as a pig in shit. I won this CD/ radio boom box and I don't give a shit."
"OK so why don't we try some therapy How about I buy you a JD and coke and see how grateful you can be?"
"I'm not getting on my knees for you. Even for a JD and coke."
"No it's more we're going to teach you to recieve graciously."
"You mean you're going to get on YOUR knees?"
"Shut the fuck up and drink your JD."
"Cheers Mike Da Hat. Thanks for the drink."
"Now we're getting somewhere."
"you're not my type you know."
"That's OK. But we've moved on. You can be grateful for something."
"Yeah but not a poxy fucking boom box. Where's me Carling sweat shirt?"
And you'll never know who's bum it was. Cue evil laugh.
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