Saturday, August 06, 2005

Yellow Wort

Here's a flower I came across recently. It's Yellow wort (Blackstonia Perfoliata). Interesting leaves.

The other day I had occasion to give a lift to a friend with his children. I said to his little girl "Can you climb into my car it's very high?"
"Oh yes that's easy Mike Da Hat, I can climb trees and everything."
So we drove to where we're going and my friend gets and and I wait for the little girl to get out the back. There's a crump and and whimper. She sprawled out on the tarmac crying "I forgot it was a high car."

Meanwhile same friends wife showed me this lovely token.
"It's for shopping trolleys so you can always get a shopping trolley even if you don't have a pound coin."
"That's great. How much was it?"
"£1.50."Posted by Picasa


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