Saturday, September 03, 2005 round off a great evening someone collapses under my window. Totally out of it. His mate leaning over him is also pissed and hasn't a clue what to do. He wanders aroud saying "Man oh Man" a lot. But that doesn't stop him going to the corner shop to get another can of beer for himself. Other guys turn up and they stand around wondering what to do with their mate, who by now has thrown up and become incontinent. Finally some girls arrive and take charge of the situation. They call an ambulance and the guy, still in a coma, is taken away. But not before he starts with the uncontrollable shaking. Another everyday story of everyday life.

It's the demon drink. You'll regularly find me with a pint in my hand. But this... this is just stupid..... and it happens every weekend... in every town... without fail.... and they call it having a great time. Just the other night Kerry Catona was on TV announcing to the world in a documentary that she wanted to get drunk, she wanted to drink so much she was sick. Then drink some more. You regularly hear the youngsters saying "We're going to get slaughtered tonight" or "bladdered" or "off our faces" or "wrecked". It's obvious from this that the intent is to drink a huge amount of alcohol. God! You know me I love beer. I'm a great fan of beer, I drink lots of it. But where in the manual does it say you have to get paralytic to enjoy yourself?

Rock on dudes


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