Thursday, September 08, 2005

Maintaining a busy Schedule

I’ve been busy tonight. Took the Children to the deep dark forest to try and lose them, but the little devils came with pockets pull of white pebbles. Bugger!

It got very dark. In the deep dark forest.

I took a flash photo of a sort of bracket fungus. Partly to take the photo and partly to see the fear in the childrens eyes. No such luck. So disgusted I took the children home and went to see Simon and David with their band “Sacred Heart”.

Here’s Simon. They were playing at the Cherry Tree pub in Peterborough. Shortly after this photo was taken, Simon enthusiastically smashed his guitar head on the drum kit putting it hopelessly out of tune. He swapped guitars and dug out his vintage Rickenbacker.

I suppose it’s a matter of taste if the Rickenbacker is better than the Gibson SG he’s just put down. So I tried to take photos of David. He is not very keen on being photographed and swore at me using words you never hear in the bible.

But I caught David on one of the few times he let his guard down. He really wasn’t co-operating so I turned round and there was the lovely Cheryl….. I do believe that's Mark the unfeasibly tall drummer behind her.

After that I got bored. David wasn’t keen on me photographing the band although Simon’s a Prima Donna. So I came home early just in time before the off licence closed.

So I went to see Ismael for some cheap booze. And so endeth my day.

Rock on Dudes


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