Monday, October 24, 2016

The Opera

Things are progressing with the Opera. I now have a band who are enthusiastic about playing the music. I have a Director who is totally committed. We are now in the process of building up interest with a view to crowd funding the project.  We're working on an Audio book which will be a sort of  prequel to the opera story itself. The Director has written a load of short stories as  a taster. So if you fancy a bit of Vampire soft porn have a look here
Let me know what you think.
Meanwhile the band and I are working on themes and background music. Landscaping the Opera with sound. All sorts of things I never initially envisaged doing. In fact when I started writing the opera I never envisaged anything other than having a bit of personal fun doodling around with some ideas. Then it got serious and the real work started. If I had known then what i know now would I have even started? Thwere have been times when i would have said definitely NO. But as time goes on I'm quite proud of what we've achieved so far. Even if it never happens it's been interesting. If it does happen then all the better. I will have something to show for it.


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