Saturday, July 24, 2004

Baring all for rock and roll

Got a call yesterday from Mike Stewart, he’s a professional musician, unlike me, semi professional, which means I don’t give up the day job. He was in a panic. Big show that night, and his stage lights had failed. So 5:30 I dashed over to the venue in my car and after unloading a ton of equipment from the back of his transit, speakers, amplifiers etc I set about stripping the lights apart to find the faults. Got them all working in 45 minutes flat. Not bad.
Came back home had dinner and went back to venue with friends. Mike and his band were doing their “Rockology” show which is great, and very different. It is an anthology of rock music which  features audio  visuals on a big screen. It’s all computer controlled as are the lights and the backing tracks. Featured songs are from Led Zeppelin, Gary Moore, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Free, Black Sabbath,  Lynerd Skynerd, Deep Purple and lots more. It’s a great show and Mike is a great guitarist.
Standing behind me was this young girl with long brown hair and glasses with a crop top and jeans. She was dancing in front of what I thought was her boyfriend, very seductively even to the point of sucking her finger in front of him in a very suggestive manner. I say he was what I thought her boyfriend because ten minutes later he’s playing tonsil hockey with another girl. Meanwhile glasses girl was in the middle of the floor doing a solo turn much to the delight of various guys clutching pints of lager with both hands for fear of spilling anything in their excitement.
Leather skirt girl, had been sidling up to Mark the drummer and managed to blag a pair of drum sticks from him. She went back to her table and proceeded to drum along with the band, before she too joined glasses girl in the middle, shaking her booty. Fat girl decided to join in.  At which the various guys turned their attention back to the band and relaxed grips on pints of lager.
At the bar some teenagers were ordering drinks. Three thimble full shots of something blue. Six Quid!!!! They were downed in one hit. Then they decided to have another and queued for another ten minutes. Haven’t they learnt yet to double or even treble up on orders if a pub is busy?  Obviously they’ve never been to a festival. The youth of today. You are young grass hoppers you will learn.
Trevor phoned me. He’s in the band "Hooker" a heavy rock band. Excited? I should co-co. He’s just got a new PA system for his band. 3kw of amplification and quote “Fuck off bass bins…… it’s the dogs bollocks, come and listen tonight we’re playing The Cock Inn.” So that’s  what I’m doing tonight. Although 3kw pPA system for a small pub does seem a bit of overkill.  But it makes a change for me. Normally I don’t get to see my friends play because I’m usually playing myself. But this weekend we’ve got a clear diary. Next weekend though, we’re playing a charity fun day on Saturday and a music festival on Sunday. We’re the headline act. Whoopee!!
Last time I went to The Cock Inn, a young lady was intent on exposing herself to the band and by way of her ample size, to everyone else as well. My friend always seemed to be looking the other way when she did it. And I spent the whole evening saying “She’s done it again. Did you see this time?”
He was convinced I was pulling his leg until he noticed the drummer was wearing the girls bra over his head like a pair of ear muffs and tied under his chin and the girl who had leant over the wooden barrier a little too far had toppled over and was hanging upside down with her boobs round her face screaming for help. There was a rush to help her. It’s a wonderful life.
Keep the faith.


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