Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Digging up Mr Dakin

Here's todays exciting news.  Pete the grave digger is in the graveyard opposite, digging up Mr Dakin. Apparently they're making room for Mrs Dakin.  According to Pete, the records show that Mr Dakin is only three foot under, so they have to raise him from his slumbers, and dig another three foot deeper, so he'll then be six foot under. Mrs Dakin can then take her proper place in death, as in life, on top.

In an effort to celebrate what we laughingly call summer this year, in my shop I am sporting that lovely, but very loud hawaian shirt. It's blue and white with red bits on it. I've already drawn a few comments from passers by as I unlocked our boutique.  Good job I don't work for John Lewis, I'd be sent home.  Actually I'd have been sacked years ago. My ex loves to point out to me that "You're not all there are you Mikel? You should think seriously about getting some proffessional help." Yeah right!


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