Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Insulting our intelligence

So I'm minding my own business ticking off the minutes until I can lock up when in walks Mr Joe Public Senior. He's carrying a vacuum cleaner on behalf of his 18 year old daughter Tracy, who can't bring it herself because she's stuck at home with six kids and doesn't drive.
Anyway despite the fact that the vacuum cleaner is out of guarantee they've managed to persuade Electrolux to authorise a repair on condition that the machine hasn't been tampered with, Abused, or otherwise neglected.
The vacuum cleaner is covered in filth and it's well used.
"It gets hot and cuts out." says Mr Public Senior.
"Yes that's because the filters are blocked." I say.
"My daughter religiously cleans them filters every time she uses the machine." he lied. Maybe he doesn't lie. Maybe he believes his lying, cheating cow of a daughter when she said to him "Yes tell the man I cleaned the filters every time I used it."
Now normally I don't give a toss because I'm gonna get paid for sorting it out and if I tell the customer it's there own fault then 1. I don't get paid. 2. The customer gets really pissed off. and 3. it's too much hassle to argue with the customer.
But when they blatantly insult your intelligence. Those filters have never seen the light of day. I get really pissed off. It takes nerves of steel to bite your tongue and say nothing because we'd rather be paid than end up having an argument for nothing.

The customer is always right. Not in my shop they aren't unless they're giving me money.

I could send this to Lydia as one of her daily pet peeves. or she might see it and lift it for her site.

I'm working so no iPod right now


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