Friday, July 29, 2005

I used to be a biologist. I worked for the government as a research scientist. The pay was crap.I became a Landscape Gardener and doubled my wages over night. I then went on to become a baker, because it was too bleedin cold in winter to be laying patios. Then it was too bleedin hot in summer to be standing in front of an over baking, baguettes, farmhouse loaves, sesame seed soft batch and italian sweet bread. So I became an electrician (and musician). The point is I never lost my love for nature. (ooer missus) And so I have a passion for wild flowers and stuff that's not very rock and roll. Here I am, a Rock Star and I'm admitting to some wimpy hobby. I should be listing my hobbies as trashing hotel rooms, biting heads off bats, and having a drugs bill that would cripple a third world country. But no, I go searching for orchids. For Clustered bell flowers, for Self heal, St Johns Wort, Great hairy Willow herb. I can stand in a meadow and identify at least 7 different brands of grass within arms reach. That doesn't cut it as stage patter. So today I am offering you one of my photos for your delight and delectation. It's not going to be a challenge for you because you know it's a teasle. But have you seen one just like this, with a few flowers still on it? If you look to the right there's a link that says "My Photos" there's more where this one came from. It's all flowers. I'll forgive you if you can't be arsed (this time). If flowers aren't your thing. But you might learn something. If only to make you aware of what we have. What treasures we have in nature. You go for a walk you admire the scenery. You tell each other what marvellous views there are. But you miss what's right at your feet. You see them but don't see them. It's a yellow flower. So what? But this is not just a yellow flower it could be birds foot trefoil, it's could be ragwort, it could be yellow vetch. How do you know unless you look. Really look. So that's it for now. Rock on dudes and remember behind every rock star there's person screaming to get out.  Posted by Picasa


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