Friday, August 19, 2005


I went round to the ex wifes gaff to pick up the children. I say children they're adults 19 and 17. Anyway they're children to me. And the ex was dressed up real nice. I say nice, she was cute.
"You going out?"
"Yes M's going to pick me up soon but first he has to do a pick up."
"oh yes?"At this stage I must tell you that her new boyfriend M is a funeral director. I don't think I need to explain in graphic detail what a pick up means.
"Yes he has a pick up just down the road and then he's going to collect me."
"What? You mean to say he's picking up a stiff then coming to get you?"
Well Ladies and Gentlemen. Here is living proof that romance is not dead.How many of you girls would not feel that frisson of excitement, knowing that the man of your dreams was picking you up with a dead body in the boot?Yes I know, it's exciting isn't it? I bet you can't wait to hear those magic words "Darling there's a body in the boot."

I am so going to catch hell if she reads this. My life wont be worth living. My children read this blog. Will they grass me up? Right now I don't care because it's the funniest thing I've heard in years. Respect. Don't the Jews have a word for that. "Chutzpah". M has Chutzpah. He's the man.
If this is my last post. You know why.

Rock on dudes and keep on rocking without me.


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