Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mickey Mouse Nude Exposé

So how come last night I get home to find blood all over my back door? Hmmm that's a bit gruesome. No bodies lying about. No tales of police chases. I check next door at the chicken shop. No, no fights while I was away. So I shrug my shoulders and toddle off to bed. No doubt the police forensic unit will be on the scene later today.

So the experiment with Jamie Lee Curtis Nude didn't come up with anything. Not even a blip on the Richter scale that is the google listings. Perhaps I aimed too high. She's too famous. I'll have a think. What about Fran Godfrey nude. Ok Maybe not. Terry Wogan nude would be a laugh, a bit scary though, and would that be with or without the hairpiece?

Anyway I've better things to do than this so.............

Rock on Dudes


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