Monday, February 12, 2007

Because I'm worth it.

Shhhh! Don't say a word. But I've been experimenting. I'd been listening to some old twaddle on RADIO 4 when they were banging on about alternative lifestyles etc. Then in amongst all the chat some dude was saying he never washed his hair, qualifying that rather quickly with never washing his hair with shampoo or any other detergent or chemical.

Ha ha what would happen if I try it. It'll save me some dosh on shampoo straight away if nothing else. So I stopped washing my hair with shampoo just vigourous rubbing in clean water under the shower.

After four days my hair is soft and silky and quite nice really.
After one week my hair got a bit greasy and stuck up in all sorts of directions.
10 days it's back to being soft and silky.

That was five weeks ago. I still haven't washed my hair with anything other than clean warm water. Simon came to see me stopped dead in his tracks looked at me carefully and said "Have you been having hair implants or summat?"
"No why?"
"You've got more hair, it's not so thin."

Now I'm sure I haven't found a cure for baldness, but what I think might be happening is my hair isn't falling out as fast as before therefore staying attached to my head longer before it falls out in the natural cycle of things.

So up yours l'Oreale you can stick your shampoo I shant be buying it. Why? Because I'm worth more.


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