Thursday, February 22, 2007

Customers tish!

FRIENDS. I have been lax of late on this blog. I apologise, I've been busy working for the BBC doing THIS
I've also been terribly busy doing THIS a lot of time I've spent fielding emailings and enquiries and from HERE so I haven't had time to devote to you.

My engineer at work has been complaining of not feeling well. He's been feeling rough so he's not worked as hard or a quick as he usually does so there's a back log of work to do. This morning he came to work complained he just couldn't manage anything and went home. This afternoon I get a call, he's been rushed into hospital and is on morphine. Shit! That's a bit sudden. They're not sure what's wrong with him yet.

I get a call from a customer a lovely lady called Angie. She wanted to know if her machine was repaired. No. Why not? because my engineer is currently lieing in a hospital bed with a morphine drip in his arm that's why.
"So why didn't you have the courtesy to inform me of this and let me know my machine couldn't be fixed."
Have you ever had to bite your lip so you don't let of a tirade of abuse down the phone to some unfeeling selfish bitch? I bit my lip put on a smile so it showed in my phone voice.
"Well actually it's a bit hectic here with only me at work and everyone else off sick, what with flu and now this." there was a continuous tone in my ear she'd hung up on me.

ten minutes ago she walked into my shop. Aked for her machine. With a smile and a skip in my step I fetched it and handed it over. She said nothing just snatched it from my hand and marched to the door. With the door open she turned. "I suppose there's no point reminding you because you already know your service is shit."
"Thank you." I cooed "Love you missing you already." and she was gone.
Well if my standard of service is shit her standards of being a good customer are worse. But that's OK isn't it? I mean she'll black list our establishment and tell all her friends how shit we are. But what if I went round all the other shops. You don't want her in your shop she's not a good customer, nothing but trouble. I don't think people would like that would they?

Customers eh?


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