Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Oooh Aaah night

It was "Oooh Ahhhh night" on Sunday in the village. Except these days you don't hear people "oooh" or "aaaah" because of the musical accompliment to the fireworks. Our fireworks night is huge. This year it was sold out yet again. Zoe and I walked, there was no point driving. Cars were parked everywhere. It's a small village but the population quadrupled for the fireworks. It's the best display you can get for £6.
Everyone turns up. No matter how cold it is. It's a thing about our village, people make the effort to do village things. It's like they have bought into the lifestyle of  village life. We have two pubs and a Post office come corner shop. That's it. The nearest supermarket is four and a half miles away, north or south, take your pick, it's the same distance either way. Everyone is English except for the "only blacks in the village" who incidently are really nice people. The village Vicar visits twice a decade. I have not found any drugs dealers in the village so far. We get one police car a year drive through, they probably made a wrong turn. Nothing happens. It's quiet, it's peaceful. The most exciting thing that ever happened was when a man turned up and set up scaffolding to repaint the village sign on the green. Life goes on. The old man cycles to the village shop every morning with his dog running in front of him. Old Mrs Weatherthorn valiantly wears out yet another dog in her daily marathon walks across the fens. Mr Fernickety would mow his lawn daily if his wife let him. She does. His lawn is a bowling green. So is the grass beside the road outside his house. It's the only thing I ever see him doing. Walking up and down with his motor mower.
Me? I have my apple trees. I've got to prune them. The first time Zoe came to visit I had to prune the apple trees and fix the roof of my shed. A "hurricane" had blown the felt off the roof.; That was the time I found out Zoe was not allowed to climb ladders. That was the time Zoe found out how vicious the wind is on the fens. But she still came to stay. She's a tough one is Zoe. Marching across the fens with my Border Collie beside her. I'm sure she was ooohing and aaahing during the fireworks. She told me it was the first firework display she had ever seen. They don't have Bonfire night in Belgium.


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