Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bearing it

I'm getting through the Black dog slowly but surely. I haven't killed any one yet. I don't think I've upset anyone yet. I keep my mouth shut, say nothing. I know I'm irritated by almost everything. But I know it's a lie. Normally I don't have any problem. So why should I have them now? It's what I keep telling myself. All my demons are in my head and they are not real. So I ignore them. Sometimes the demons in my head seem so real. But the scientist in me knows that's not true. This is how I get through these two months. By pure logic. I ignore emotion. I ignore gut reactions. I rely on logic and reason.
Right now Zed is watching a recording of "Eastenders". I can't bear to watch it. It's so depressing, and right now I can't do depressing. I have enough trouble with normal life.


Blogger Z said...

Patient endurance is sometimes the best way. Not too much longer now xx

4:29 pm  

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