Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Emergency sunbed repairs and saboteurs

Some one phoned up the shop yesterday. A young lady. It was an emergency she needed her sunbed fixing urgently. Hello!! It's 31C out there today and there's more rays out there than you can shake a stick at.

Today I had a phone call from a friend of mine.
"Hey can I send a young lady over to you to see if you can fix her hand buffer?"
"Sure no problemo."
So and hour later this girl walks in with an industrial car polishing machine. Not the finger nail buffer I expected. She looked close to tears.
"You gotta help me. I kinda broke it and now I've got to get it fixed."
"It doesn't look broken, in fact it looks brand new."
"It is brand new. But I broke it."
"I cut the wires. I was having a bad day so I cut the wires."
"What for?"
"I was upset."
"Ok let's have a look."
"I've been to loads of places and they all say it can't be fixed."
"I'll be the judge of that." I said.
So I took it apart and sure enough she'd cut the wire to the carbon brushes. So it wasn't so much she'd broken it but subtlely sabotaged it.
Later in the conversation she let slip that she was in a hurry to pick up from another repairer, the industrial car valeting machine that she had similarly sabotaged along with a steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner.
Hmmm I wonder who'd upset her that much to make her do all that damage.
Well I fixed it for her and she went away happy. Well as happy as an amateur sabateur can be.


Blogger Will D said...

You would'nt want to be married to her and piss her off...think of the damage to your sock draw!!

Oh, i added you blog to my links...its a good read!

11:09 am  

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