Friday, May 28, 2004

The showcase for new talent

You know that buzzy feeling you get in your head when you are doing loads of stuff non stop. Well that’s what I’ve got tonight. Life is non stop and I have to keep going. It turns out my daughter is just the same, she can’t rest, she has to be doing something all the times even when she’s so tired that any normal person would sleep. I guess we’re not normal. Both of us must be hyperactive or something. Or driven by some unseen force.
Today I worked all day and at 5:30 shut the shop and high tailed it to Sandra’s. She was waiting on the pavement outside her house for me. WE drove to Simons for our last rehearsal before Saturdays gig. Simon had dinner waiting for us. Pizza chips and curry. Hmmm! You wouldn’t believe what he has in his kitchen. A pin ball machine.
Then he spent a while showing us his guitar in this book called “The guitars of John Entwhistle”. He has a guitar that was owned by John Entwhistle. And to make it even more special it was owned before that by Pete Townsend. So Sandra and I have both played the same guitar as both John and Pete. Incredible. People would pay for that honour. He even has the paperwork to prove it’s the real thang.
So we played for nearly two and a half hours. I know you aint gonna be there so here’s some of the songs we’ll be playing.
Wicked game – Chris Isacks (Me guitar, simon guitar/ vocals, Sandra vocals)
Aint no sunshine – Bill Withers (Me on guitar, Sandra vocals and Simon bongos)
Free bird – Lynerd Skynerd (Me guitar/vocals, Simon guitar, Sandra mandolin)
Wild world – Cat Stevens (me guitar/vocals, Simon Mandolin, Sandra guitar)
Handbags and gladrags- Stereophonics (Simon guitar/vocal, me guitar, Sandra Mandolin)
Suspicious minds –Elvis
Is she really going out with him- Joe Jackson
Dreams – Fleetwood mac
Oh there’s a load more and I’m bored listing them. You’ll just have to imagine them for now.
So we finished the rehearsal and I went to pick up my children. Dropped off Sandra because she was tired and we went to Geneva’s to see Abi and her band “Within”.
I’ve told you before how incredible Abi is. Well Jamie, my boy, was watching and he nudged me and said “You know you said that she had stage presence?”
“Well she’s got a lot hasn’t she?”
“She’s got it in spades. You can’t keep your eyes off her can you?”
“No. She’s fabulous.”
As a tease I suggested that he had fallen in love with her. At first sight. He said he hadn’t. I looked around the pub and saw the band list for the coming month and there was my band on the 24th June. “Ad Hock” that is, not my new band “Mike da hat and friends”. It could get complicated when our gigs clash, but then I know Del and Tony can do without me in Ad Hock. They’re professional.
“Within” played their first set of three and we had to leave because the kids have school tomorrow. We said our goodbyes and Abi gave my children big hugs.
Gemma is used to being with musicians and didn’t bother much. But I guess Jamie was really pleased that he got a hug from Abi. You know I wish you could all meet Abi. Your lives would be so much better for it.
It’s my first showcase event tomorrow night. I am not playing tomorrow night. But I have two new bands playing. I am more nervous for them than I am for myself on our first gig Saturday. I know we’re good. I know we can play what people want to hear. But the showcase is my baby. And the new bands have to come through for me. I just want them to take it as seriously as I do. I’ve worked hard for this. On their behalf. I’m putting my reputation on the line here. It could all fall apart if they are crap. But I console myself that when I was in their position I would have been practicing like mad. I still do. So I hope they have been rehearsing so they can be as good as they can possibly be. It’s in their own interest if they want to get on in the music biz. I hope they don’t let me down. All I ask is they take it seriously and do their best. It’s something I have no control over I guess that’s what’s making me nervous. I’d better sleep before I go crazy with worry.
Mike da Hat


Blogger Quink said...

Odd that I should be listening to Julian Bream as I read this. Do you ever play classical guitar?

Good luck with the gigs - though sure you don't need it...

8:48 pm  
Blogger MIKE DA HAT said...

No I've never played classical guitar. I'm not sure I even play guitar because I'm entirely self taught. Which is why it's taken me this long to get this far I guess. But we have a load of great songs to play so........ bring it on. We're ready!!!

8:50 am  

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