Saturday, June 05, 2004

The strawberry jam.

Went to see the hound dogs last night. Great band. They play rockabilly stuff. Three young lads but great showmen. They don't just play, they entertain. They all sport impossibly large quiffs, the drummers quiff actually points vertically upwards by about eight inches. At times the drummer sets fire to his cymbals using lighter fluid. Then he crashes the cymbals making the fluid jump and it all flares up. Brilliant.
There were the usual bunch of interesting people there. Like the young girl who stood right in front of the double base player arms over her head playing with her hair and trying to look real cute. Or the guy sitting near to me who was so drunk he put his coat on backwards, like an operation gown.

Got an E-mail from the Evening Telegraph, finally seem to have found someone who wants to do something. Looks like I'll have to change my opinion of them. They could be redeeming themselves. Although yesterdays paper announced the hound dogs playing sunday. And tonight a band called Mind the gap. But I know my Friends Pip and Steff are playing tonight. So they've still got a lot of work to do to get it right. It's not as if it's rocket science.

Tomorrow is the Strawberry Jam. Previously we've had the willow festival. But the organisers decided that they'd taken it as far as they coould and gave up. Which is a great shame because it was a great event. A free music festival over three days. Usually seven stages, loads of those ethnic stalls selling T-shirts posters and piercings. Along with marijuana seeds and pot paraphanalia. Tie died dresses and the usual alternative life style products.
But tomorrow we've got Strawberry jam. An unofficial free music festival. Featuring loads of bands playing unplugged acoustic instruments. The organiser Trina (a latter day hippy) told me they expect to be closed down by the police because they haven't got permission to stage the event. So that's gonna be interesting. Think I'll go down and have a nose. Check out the groups and see if I can find any talent that needs to be put on a proper stage.
Trina says my friend Abi will be there. Hmmm wonder if she'll sing at one of my showcase nights? That would be nice.


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