Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Scorpions on the soles of your feet

The other year we had a Tattoo parlour situated next to our shop. Guys would turn up and go to the corner shop for some liquid anaesthetic, usually in the form of Tennants super, which is quite frankly, almost impossible to drink uless at freezing point. There was this one guy, on the dole and a staunch Manchester United fan. Surprise surprise. He'd been begging Rob the tattooist to do him a cheap tattoo. Rob not been short of work refused. he was inundated for requested for the old spiders webs on the elbow, celtic flashes, "cut here" round the neck etc etc.
Eventually the Man U fan bet him that he was so hard that he could stand having a tattoo done on the soles of his feet. Not only that a tattoo of scorpions. Just to prove he was really hard. Well one afternoon I found him in our carpark slumped against a wall with four empty cans of Tennants super rolling about the carpark by the side of him. He was almost ready to endure the tattoo.
Well apparently he did. because the next week he had a four inch square tattoo of the Man U emblem tattooed on to the front of his neck just under his chin. I haven't seen him in ages. Not since the council took away his children into care. Hmmmm


Blogger Quink said...

Hilarious! Ah well, at least it wasn't Man City or Arsenal. I wonder if he'd have been hard enough to chop off his chin or something...

7:09 pm  

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