Monday, June 14, 2004

OK there's dead bodies everywhere, but you can't have everything.

I have a great view from where I am sitting. Across the road is a cemetary. In the middle of this city it's a beautiful patch of green. OK full of dead bodies but hey you can't have everything. The council deliberately don't cut the grass round the sides, to allow wild flowers to grow. I can stand in the middle of all this grass and without moving my feet I can stretch out and touch at least 8 different species of grass alone. (I didn't tell you I used to be a biologist, but the money was no good so now I'm an electrician and musician) anyway in the air above the cemetary I can see swarms of flying insects all picked out in the setting sunlight.

Saturday night we got to the pub to play. Spent a while setting up and got on stage. We played two songs and the landlady asked me to come off stage.
They don’t have a full music license so only solo or duo artists are allowed to play. Not trio’s or bands. So I came off stage and became a member of the
audience. That’s hard you know. I wasn’t angry with Jane the Landlady at all, it’s her pub it’s her license so she was doing the right thing. But I just sat there as Del and Tony played the favourite songs I love to play. Of course there were a few songs they couldn’t do without me. but they’ve got plenty material to cover for me not being there. So now I can only play in places with a full music license. There’s plenty of those. But some of our most fun gigs are in small intimate pubs.

Sunday phoned Simon to meet him at a pub in the afternoon. We had to discuss the plans for the showcase evenings and other stuff but his mind
wasn’t on it. He had other worries to occupy his thoughts. He said he’d tell me all about it one day. But for now he had to deal with it himself.
Today Sandra phoned, she wanted to know what was happening. I had to tell her that Simon was preoccupied with a few problems and we were on our
own for a while. So we’re practicing tomorrow evening for a gig we’re gonna do just the two of us at Charters next Sunday. It won’t be the same without
Simon but we can do it. If he says he needs time, well he’s got it.

This guy came into the shop today with a grill element from an oven.
“Have you got one of these?” he asked.
“What’s wrong with it?”
“I had an electrician round to look at my cooker and he says this element is faulty.”
I had a look at it and put a meter on it.
“Well? Whaddya think?” he said.
“I think you need a new electrician.” I said
“The element is fine. What’s the symptoms of your oven?”
“The fan oven doesn’t work, there’s no heat.”
“So your electrician has sent you to find a grill element?”
“So what DO I need?”
“I guess you need a fan oven element.”
“That makes sense, why didn’t he tell me that?”

So now I’m gonna go and play pool.


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