Thursday, August 05, 2004

Stealing flowers for Mums birthday

I think we've had one of the polices quickest collars on record today. We were standing outside my shop and this woman walks by and starts looking at the flowers on display outside next doors flowers shop. Then she picks up an armfull and runs off up the road and round the corner. Just then a police car comes round the same corner Bro flags it down and they pull up.
"A woman dressed in pink just stole a load of flowers."
"We've just driven past her. Thanks we're on it."
Quick u turn in the road and they're off. I follow on foot less than two minutes from the time of the theft they'd got the woman caught and cuffed and sitting in the back of the prowler, the bunches of flowers sitting nicely on the roof of the car and the policeman running his hands through the perps jacket pockets. She looked pathetic sitting there.
"It was my mothers birthday." she was bleeting. "...and I didn't have any money."
Great! Mum will be pleased to know the flowers she was going to get were stolen.


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