Tuesday, August 03, 2004

By this time Del had broke his guitar string and Tony had been walkabout and brought back these lovely girls to sing with us. I don't know how he does it. But then that's Tony. We let him loose in the crowd and he works the magic. What you can see here is me with my fabulous Yamaha 12 string. So far my official photographer hasn't come up with a pic of Baby. Baby is my mandolin. Hey! How come I don't have girls hanging on my arms? What's Tony got that I haven't? Hair maybe? Charisma? A BMW convertible? That's more like it.Satuirday night he asked Del and I "Have I got 'Fuck me' stamped on my forehead. To which Del replied "No, it's on the neck of your new guitar you bastard!" I should be so lucky that girls fall at me feet begging for sex. They say to me things like "Mike da Hat You're so sweet!" Well I don't want to be sweet. I've had it with being sweet. The next time a girl tells me "I like you as a friend but....." Andre help me out here. You know where I'm coming from. I'm a fucking rock star. People scream at me for more, but do I get laid? Do I fuck! So those of you harbouring dreams of being a musician just to get laid forget it. Unless you are getting laid already it don't make any difference. You just have to live with the adulation and the screams of more more more. More sex? No! Just more of working your fingers to the bone. But the screams for more is a buzz.When they start chanting and banging the beer glasses on the table. Well that's better than sex any day. Don't disillusion me. That's what I tell myself. Posted by Hello


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