Saturday, September 04, 2004

Living with my destiny

I met Jules in town last night. Oooops sorry I'm not allowed to mention Jules on the site, you know that Ipswich supporter (love the horse) top man an all. Anyway I met this guy in town last night, who happened to be called Jules. he was with Tim, who at the time of my arrival had his head almost between the ample breasts of this lovely young girl. I think he was trying to appear attentive to what she was saying, the reality was something quite different. OK it's a lad thing. He sat there trying to be really cool in his plaster casted arm. Now if he can't pull with that on................ He broke it whilst out on a lash with J. J said to me in a faux sob, "He's another of my drinking buddies I've broken." We didn't get into the whys and wherefores of how J actually broke Tims arm. I just accepted it was an every day tale of an everyday night out on the razz with J.
We walked to the Cherry Tree. My mate Tommo was playing. Actually he doesn't play at all he sings, or as Tommo himself points out he shouts. His wife Karen stands next to him on stage and between them the husband and wife team make up the vocal section of The Hinge. I don't know if it's significant but everytime Tommo sang, sorry shouted, she laughed.
So I stood there with my pint of summer lightening and this girl came up to me. "Hi Mike how you doing?"
"Great." I say wondering who the hell she was. How does she know me?
"Lovely to see you, not playing tonight?" we chatted some more and she skipped off to a bunch of friends where she's talking to them and saying "It's Mike over there." they all turn round and wave at me. At this point I'm a bit self conscious. they're all waving at me and I don't know any of them.
Tommo breaks into "Knocking on heavens door" which he dedicated to his Dad who died on Tuesday. He had the whole pub singing and in wanders round the crowd with his Radio mike urging them on to sing louder. Then he hands me the mike "Sing a chorus." he says. I did.
On the way home I was crossing the town bridge, Colin and David, lead singer and drummer from Citizen Smiffy, stepped out of a taxi. "We've been paid." says David with a grin.
"Charters then?" I enquire.
"Too right." says Smiffy (that's Colin) and after handshakes and smiles, they descended the metal steps down to the converted barge on the river that is Charters Bar. I toddled off home via the police station the Lido open air swimming pool round the back of the Cathedral past my, by then, deserted local and up my road avoiding the many drunks and discarded take aways that littered my path.

Tonight J and I plan to kidnap Del because it's his birthday. We've no fixed plan, it will all unfold in time. There's a destiny to everything, life is full of choices as Dave the chef likes to tell me. "Revel in it Mikel. Make the beautiful choice, it's all yours to make, enjoy it, be a master of your own destiny, make that choice. Do it now or be sad for the rest of your life."
"OK Dave I'll have a pint of Summer Lightening."
"Atta boy."


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