Saturday, September 04, 2004

Pink Frilly Knickers

It's Dels birthday. We're all going out to celebrate. We're going to a greek restaurant. We're going to the pub . We'll have a few beers. Great!!!

Now will someone remind me why Del insists that tonights dress code is womens pink frilly knickers. I am being threatened by extreme violence and humiliation if I don't conform to tonights dress code.
Earlier this evening Diane and The Jools (He who must not be the horse) 'specially came round to my place to hand deliver a pair of cheap pink nylon knickers. Size 16. Not even cotton for chrissakes.
"You will be wearing these."

I worry about Del sometimes. I wonder if the child protection agency knows that his son will be wearing pink Penelope Pitstop knickers. I think not.

I'll let you know..................

Dare I say it?

Frock on Dudes!!!!!


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