Friday, May 06, 2005

Quit complaining about your job #6

So you're poolside chilling and this bloody great Killer shark turns up flips over on it's back and in fish talk says "Check this out baby!" Well someones got to check the equipment. Did you know the Right Whale has testicles the size of cars each one weighing in at one ton? And a Dick the length of a double decker bus. And a goat can shag a whole flock of lady goats without resting inbetween each. Now that's what I call a talent. And the female praying mantis devours her lover from the head down whilst he's still giving it large in the shagging department. It brings a new meaning to the phrase "I'm a virgin be gentle with me." This is the last in the series of "quit complaining about your job" Hope you've enjoyed them. Posted by Hello


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