Saturday, August 20, 2005

This aint Rock & Roll this is regicide

So you want to kill someone. Well this will work. Just two berries will kill a child, four will kill an adult. These are the ripe berries from the deadly Nightshade plant. Note the star shaped sepals. It's lethal. The berries are full of atropine and there are historical precedents for using this to murder people.For instance Livia the wife of Emporor Augustus and Agrippina, the wife of Claudius both use Atropine to kill their victims. Agrappina tried to kill Claudius himself but he got suspicious and didn't eat the specially prepared meal. So she injected figs while they were still on his trees with the poison. He fell for the ruse and died. This aint rock and roll this is regicide. (OK he wasn't a king as such).


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