Monday, October 31, 2005

The rich get richer....

God bless the Eastern Europeans. They save me so much money and trouble. Why because they take away my rubbish for free. In this modern age there's so many people and organisations who are after your hard earn cash. Everyday someone thinks of a brand new way to syphon off your money from your pocket into theirs. For instance we have a contract for the bin men to take away our rubbish. Great except there's certain things we're not allowed to put in the skip even though it is rubbish. We have to pay extra for this. Surprise surprise.
So it's with great joy that I find the Eastern Europeans come round with their baby buggies and load up with all the scrap machines. Then there's the pikeys. Oh lord bless us and save us. They come round in their flat backs and heft huge lumps of scrap metal onto the back of the truck while their husbands wait in the cab. Not really, the husband does the lifting while the wife with her six inch diameter earings, sits in the cab holding a bald headed baby. Later she can be seen slinging a used disposable nappy into the gutter before they drive off. Well it's disposable isn't it?
Talk of the devil here's the pikeys now... Damn! He wouldn't let me take a photograph.

Rock on dudes


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