Sunday, October 23, 2005

Photographer to the Stars

You wanna know what job satisfaction is all about? This is it. I get to spend the day with a beautiful girl, in fact several days, and take mucho photos. The bonus is Abi is really incredibly genuine and nice. Those of you who have followed this blog will know I've loved Abi from the day I first met her. The other bonus is the record company are paying me mucho dinero for shots like this. If this goes on I might just give up my day job. Just this one photo shoot alone will pay for a new camera, better than the one I used to shoot this.
I've been learning/ teaching myself Photoshop like crazy the last few weeks, but shots like this don't need much editing if you get it right first time. The words "Album cover" were mentioned today. If one of my photos were used as an album cover then the money starts rolling in. How great is that? Another thing mentioned today, but which I'm taking with a pinch of salt is flying me to Italy to do another photoshoot. The morning light in the Meditteranean is incredible.

Chrikey two weeks ago I was just another pub musician and Electrician/ shop owner. Today I'm a photographer. In two weeks time I'll probably be back to being just a pub musician and a shop owner. But, please allow me my moment of triumph, even if it's just for this day. You will wont you? I mean I haven't changed, I'm still Mike Da Hat. I still need you guys. Especially my best friend Del who peppers my blog with his comments. Strange that they are. So today I'm a photographer to the stars. Tommorow business as usual opening the shop at 9:00am. But until then I'm going to have my moment. ...... and there it was.

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