Monday, January 02, 2017

Waiting for the heating to come on

So today we took down all the Christmas decorations, but I have left up the lights in my apple tree that I forgot to take down last year. They have been burning all year. To be honest I have grown to like it that way. My Apple tree lights aren't just for Christmas. They're for all the year. They guide my way home on a dark night.  We live in the middle of nowhere and the lights help me find our house. This year I put up extra lights in the apple tree. These I have removed until next year. They twinkled.
Today Zoe and I spent most of the day walking and later in one of our favourite pubs where we walked around in our socks because they asked us, by a A4 notice,  to remove our muddy boots and leave them outside. Zoe curled up in a big armchair and had a large Pino or two. Scout lay at her feet. I lounged in another armchair with a pint or two of beer while we waited for the heating to come on at home....


Blogger Z said...

I rather like walking around in my socks in pubs. Not at home though. With gravel outside and, for most of my life, dogs with capacious paws, bare/shoeless feet was asking for trouble.

9:48 pm  
Blogger Mike Da Hat said...

It was like being at home. Shoes off, just curled up. So many very pleasant people all with their boots outside the door. It's a leveller. No one is above you when there boots are off. We are all equal. Having a drink and a lovely time.

10:10 pm  
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