Tuesday, May 25, 2004

We know what you like and you're gonna get it.

Just heard on the Radio, and I admit that this will be old news to some, but it needs repeating. The police, in this country, when they find any asylum seekers, are more likely to hand over the address of the nearest home office building so they can hand themselves in. What's all that about?
Then last week the police arrested three illegals for trying to LEAVE the country.
It beggars belief. If they want to leave, let them. Why waste money arresting an illegal immigrant when he/she wants to go home?

Then earlier, and this is a totally different subject, I was listening to a few minutes of Radio 2. This woman had written in to request a song REM's "Losing my religion" The DJ read out the request and announced that he was sorry but that particular song was not on todays playlist so "how about this one?" and he proceeded to play some absolute rubbish tune. Very shortly after that there was the jingle announcing how they are playing the music we want to hear. Hello? We try to tell them what we want to hear and they still insist on playing what the record companies want us to hear.
Hmmm call me cynical if you like.

Better do some more work I suppose.


Blogger Quink said...

What was funnier was the bunch of Romanians who got exported, days before their country joined the EU. Go on Home Office, just wait a few days - it'll save thousands!

But no.

Sod it. Daily Mail-reading types complain like hell that people are coming over here stealing their jobs. But they aren't allowed jobs - unless they decide to work for tossers who pay them nothing and care nothing when their cheap labour is swept into the sea, killed in an industrial accident or whatever.

As to not playing the REM song, switch from Radio 2 to Radio 3. It doesn't censor anything!

8:46 pm  
Blogger MIKE DA HAT said...

When did you last hear REM on Radio 3?
Ravels bolero till it's driving you crazy, but no REM. Correct me if I'm wrong.

12:35 am  

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