Tuesday, May 25, 2004

British workmanship at it's best

Just been watching some workers digging up the pavement. They spent an hour shovelling the broken tarmac onto the back of their lorry. Then the driver decided that he wanted to redistribute the load because it was all at the front. So he got into the cab and started raising the tipper. Well the load was redistributed all right. Straight back onto the road. Oh golly! How they laughed. This is the British workforce at it's finest.
Earlier a scruffy chap came into the shop. Nothing unusual about that, except he was carrying a cup of coffee, which he placed on the counter.
"Got any kettles?" he asked.
"We've got a few."
"Give me one."
"Which one?"
"The first you come to.Any."
I gave him a kettle. He paid, picked up his coffee, took a mouthful, and walked out muttering something.


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