Tuesday, July 27, 2004

It takes a thief to catch a thief

Seems Mrs Dakin is going to be late.  She isn't arriving til Thursday.   So Pete the grave digger has had to temporarily board up the grave and put concrete slabs over the hole. I shall be leaning out my window tonight watching for  grave robbers and body snatchers.

Cambs constabulary has got this great system where they E-mail a load of people on their network about what's going on. Today it worked. I heard the "You've got mail" message on the PC. Had a look and it was a news flash from crime central. A car had been stolen just two minutes ago. We all got a description and told to look out for car.
Half an hour later "you've got mail" another message thanking everybody for their help and with everyones co-operation the bad boy was caught in possession of £80 worth of stolen meat from a  supermarket and with the car. The boy was in custody pending further investigations.

The scruffy undercover man from todays earlier posting is in fact a friend of the flower girl next door.  She told me he would have been  the least likely person to end up in the police force.  A bit of a rogue in his youth. She's known him and drank with him on many occassions.  I said it takes a rogue to catch a rogue.

Smashy has arrived we're going ot have another go at this recording studio software.

Ciaou bambinos


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