Friday, August 06, 2004

Dungeons and lockins

What's the matter with you lot? You come, you read, but don't leave any comments. What do I have to do come round your houses and beat the shit out of you? Imagine yourselves sitting in your lounge and someone walks in has a look around and walks out. How would you feel? I don't care what you say. Just say something. Validate your arrival. Tell me it's crap if you have to. Just say hello would be nice. I know you're reading this. My counter says so. You lot are going to make me paranoid. It's not difficult you just click on the comments button.

I spent the evening with my children. Gemma devised this dungeons and dragons game just for me. I've never played it before. It was based on Lord of the rings. I didn't think it would be so much fun. There was Gemmalah in the part of Dungeon mistress, Jamielah and Junelah and me I'm daddylah. My character was Frodo, Jamielah was Sam, and Junelah was legolas. We battled Orcs and Goblins, overcame obstacles and gained our freedom. I'm looking forward to next weeks game. God forbid I should get hooked on it. I stayed longer than I normally do just to escape the scary dragon at the end. Then went to the Cavendish to confirm next weeks gig. There was only three people in the pub and the landlord was about to lock up. I walked in.
"where's your guitar?" he asked.
"I'm not playing tonight."
"That you are. Go get it."
So I left my pint on the bar and ran back here to pick up my trusty six string. Two minutes later I'm back in the pub with guitar and playing. More people came in to listen.
"this is a freeby" I told the landlord. But he poured me a pint anyway.
One of the guys ine the pub fancied himself as a musician and sat there criticising everything I played. So I gave him my guitar and said "You do better." he made a pigs ear of everything he tried. He made a fool of himself. He blamed the fact he didn't have a plectrum. We gave him a plectrum. Then he said he wasn't used to this particular guitar. He rapidly lost credibility. This guy is Mick. He's a lovely guy but he's an alcoholic. he can't help it. He has done his best but can't avoid the drink. Finally his long time partner, Linda, has kicked him out. She was there with him. They had been moving stuff out of her house to his new place. She sat there watching him drink himself, yet again, into oblivion. It's obvious that she loves him, but enough is enough. She can't continue to pick up the pieces. I've seen this so many times. Alcohol is a great thing. But it can be very destructive. Treated with respect alcohol breaks down barriers. It makes things easier. But in excess it can destroy. I once read that if Alcohol was a brand new drug it would be immediately banned. The fact that alcohol has been with us for longer than anyone can remember, makes it OK. Marijuana is much safer. But that's illegal. Work that one out. I'm not going into the politics of ganga. You've heard it all before. I don't advocate ganga. I just maintain from my own experience that its a lot more preferable than too much alcohol.


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