Monday, August 09, 2004

Uncle Vodka

My good Friend Ivano Smirnovski, AKA Uncle Vodka, has just given me this valuable tip that he insists I pass on. This has been learnt from years of experience as a translator of Russian and other languages. I'm trying to persuade him to write his own blog. But we'll see. Until then here's a few of his wise words.

<<.........if you insist on committing adultory, it pays to make sure your wife and your mistress are not able to speak the same language...........>>

Now reading that, it should come as no surprise to you, that adultory is probably one of Uncle Vodka's favourite sports. Even as you read this he is trying to thaw out the Ice Queen in Moscow. Yes I'm going to have to get him to share his adventures with us. Meanwhile I'm waiting on his reminiscences of a liaison with "Kroshka" from Volvograd. And I always thought Volvo was a Swedish company. Keep watching as soon as I know so will you.

Keep the faith


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