Monday, August 09, 2004

Zen and the art of perving

Here's a thing. My assistant manager Samantha just came into the shop looking all indignant. Arms akimbo an all that. Seems this young man was in our car park playing with himself. He sees the lovely Samantha, and walks toward her, while she's demanding to know what he's doing loitering behind the cars.
Well it was soon obvious as he had, and I quote "a large stiffy in his hand". The thing she is most upset about is that he actually asked her to help him out in finishing the job, whilst offering up his equipment for approval. As if an approach like that is going to get him anywhere with the Laydeees. She started shouting at him and Chris the workshop manager came out. The perv' ran off down the road still trying to tame his wild beast and get it tucked away out of sight.
It all happens here. We were too busy laughing to call the police. Perhaps we should have but apart from Sammy getting a freeby eyeful no harm was done. She'll be traumatised for life. To be honestshe was half laughing herself so I don't think it's bothered her much. Just as well for lover boy that her boyfriend wasn't here. He's a unarmed combat instructor in the army and a big fella. I don't think he takes prisoners in his private life. The Geneva convention only applies when he's in uniform and no one messes with Samantha.
Stay safe dudes.


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