Monday, September 13, 2004


Greetings Playmates.
I've decided that I'm going to be charitable this week. I buried myself in this little corner over the weekend and I've three stories for you to choose from. I guess there will only be two votes, possibly three.
Yes I'm realistic. I am condemned to have shrinking violets as readers. They just wont leave comments.
They send me personal Emails. I ask "Why don't you just leave a comment?" To which the reply is "I can't think of anything clever to say." But they're quite happy to write three pages in an Email.
You see a lot of my friends are of the opinion that you need the wit and genius of Oscar Wilde to qualify to leave a comment. That every comment has to be a razer sharp riposte. A smart arse, knock 'em dead, one liner. I can't always think of a comment. One day I took to writing "I have a doctors note excusing me from commenting today." because my mind went blank. So today commenting is going to be really easy. All you need to do is just write one word. Unless of course you weant to write more. And that one word is your choice for this weeks story. So here's the short list.

Johnny Grays (sorry that's two words)

Going Private (Oh no that's another two worder)

Air base (Two short words)

OK I lied you've got to write two words, alright. I didn't expect the spanish inquisition, our two main weapons are surprise...................etc etc But you're let off creativity this time. So don't beat yourselves up, just vote.
It's not as if you have to work too hard is it? I mean who's doing all the work here? Who has to write all these stories to keep you amused? Who has to go to the trouble of having a bloody fabulous exciting life just so you can live it by proxy? It's not easy being fabulous you know. It takes time and dedication. If you don't watch out I'll tell you about the pervert in the toilets at Belgrade station. Be warned. Vote now.

Rock on dudes


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