Monday, October 25, 2004

You wanted willies

I know you want it. You know you want it. And you can have it too, using a little basic deduction and a process of elimination. What can you have? Well this week for your delight and delectation I have six stories for you to vote on. Subjects covered will be Willies, hard core pornography, death destruction, mutilation, sex, more sex, deception, tragedy. By public demand more willy stories had to be written, now it's up to you to figure out which ones they are, you've had enough clues over the weeks to narrow it down to a fifty fifty choice. but to help you out some more I'll tell you that 2 of the six stories involve sex. So you've got a thirty three and a third percent chance by random guessing. One will have you reaching for the kleenex...... now then behave...... it's a tragic story, the kleenex is for drying your eyes.
So here's this weeks choices:

Nose bags- Uncle Vodka designs a nasal strap on device to catch snot.

Hungry Joe - A race against time to save the world not even James Bond could cope.

Pheasant - A day in the life of a peasant. Sorry Pheasant.

Flies - A life in a day of a fly. Sorry flies.

CCTV - Big brother is watching you. Sorry you is watching Big Brother.

Toby - We all have our crosses to bare. Sorry bear. Very sorry bare.

So get voting, you know it makes sense, the future of the civilised world depends on you and your vote. What you do now could change the face of humanity for ever. The story that gets most votes or indeed any votes at all will be published Tuesday (tomorrow).

Vote on dudes

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