Friday, October 22, 2004

To Mick and Jack

This post is specifically for Mick and Jack

It's very easy to see the right thing to do in retrospect. I totally agree with you, that that is what should have been done. It's a tough call, but I am not a violent person. I could have called the police. I could have done so many things but I didn't. I hold my hand up and admit it. I suppose I'm weak when it comes to confrontation like that. My only thought at the time was he was in shit street big time. I felt sorry for him and didn't want to make things worse. I am not the judge and jury. At the same time I was terrified he would take some innocent out with him. During our conversation I tried to reason with him. I didn't report all the conversation just the salient facts that he agreed that it would be a very bad thing, at that point I thought I'd got the message over. I meet so many people and some of them are really scary. I get to the point when I wonder who is normal? what is normal? Are psychopaths normal? It's a scary world we live in. There are so many nutters out there. People you have known for years turn out to have dark secrets. A guy working for me many years ago was banged up for paedophilia. I couldn't believe it. On the surface he was so straight so normal. He was sorted out in prison. The next time I saw him he didn't have any teeth. He'd been beaten so often in prison. When he went in he was vibrant, full of life, but when he came out he was a ghost. He could barely talk to me. He had no explanation, no apologies, just that he was innocent and always had been. He didn't ask for his job back. I didn't offer it. I still to this day don't know whether he was guilty or not. What I do know was he was never the same again. He was destroyed. He would never work again. It's been ten years and I haven't heard of, or seen him again. I've seen his ex-wife, she was gloating about how she put him away. How she stitched him up. I don't know what to believe.

I had a customer who during conversation told me she had a kidney donor card. I have hereditary Kidney disease. Without treatment I am due to die next year. With treatment I have about thirty years to live. She told me quite proudly that she had this Kidney donor card but it had a rider on it. Now I must tell you that this woman is a devout Christian, she goes to church every week, she is on the church council. But her rider specifically states that on death her kidneys should only be given to "a christian person". Muslims can die so can anyone else who isn't christian. I was shocked. I am an atheist.I don't believe in any God. But this turned my stomach especially as she was so proud of it. I am not a christian but I hold christian values. I believe that we are all on this earth together. Religion and politics mean nothing. If I can help someone in my death I don't care what religion they are, I don't care what politics they have. All I know is they wont want MY kidneys. They're fucked.

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