Thursday, October 14, 2004

Rock and Roll Deaths

Well you all know by now I'm a musician when I'm not doing my day job. But I don't live a "rock and roll" life style. In fact none of the musicians I know live that life. We don't trash hotel rooms and we certainly don't throw TV's out of any windows. So tonight in the pub we were talking about what it is to live the the rock and roll life. That quickly progressed to a discussion on the ultimate "Rock and Roll" death. So I suggested keith Moon driving his Rolls Royce ina swimming pool and drowning. Dave the Chef said "What about Curt Cobain shooting himself?" Steve the plumber suggested Marc Bolan driving his Psychadelic Mini into a tree. We suggested Jimi Hendrix choking on his on vomit, Janis Joplin the same. Jim Morrison. The guys from Lynard Skynerd dieing in a plane crash. Big bopper et al the same. I suggested we throw it open to public vote.

Who died the most "Rock and Roll" death? You guys might come up with someone we haven't thought of, who deserves the accolade as the most "Rock and Roll" death ever. And yes we did consider John Lennon at the hands of Mark Chapman. And that guy who was knocking off Bob Geldorfs Missus. Who hung himself in a hotel room. A sort of sexual adventure that went wrong. We didn't think that was "rock and Roll".

In our opinion it was a toss up between Keith Moon and Samantha Fox who died on stage at the Brit awards. Along with Mick Fleetwood. Who also "died" on stage. At the same event.

So now it's up to you to decide the most "rock and Roll" death ever. If my good friend Del doesn't have an opinion on this I will be very surprised.

OH yeah we have already discounted Mamma Cass and Karen Carpenter. If karen had eaten the pies Mamma Cass should have left behind we'd still have two great singers in our world. Losing George Harrison was tragic, but not a "rock and Roll" death. We discount Glen Miller because he wasn't "Rock and Roll" in the first place. Even though he gave us some marvellous tunes.

So rack your brains. Who deserves the ultimate accolade of the most "Rock and Roll" death ever?

Rock on dudes.

iPod now playing - Death becomes you By Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


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