Monday, October 18, 2004

Human drama death and destruction

Well I'd like to thank everyone for their input on the Rock and Roll deaths question. I've personally learn a few things from it. So over a few pints Del, the man who can not be named(love the horse) and I argued over who should go into the Rock and Roll deaths hall of fame. Our conclusions are as follows

in third place...... John Bonham, drank equivalent of two bottles of vodka played some more guitar then drank some more.....died.

In second place rather controversially......... Sid Viscious.. Now we accept he was a crap bassist and generally a crap musician, but he played the Rock and roll life style with a vengeance, until he died with perfect timing, just before he was banged up.

In first place we decided it had to be John Entwhistle who died in the company of two hookers and a shit load of cocaine in a hotel room. Dieing on the job with not one but two girls in his bed. Now that's Rock and Roll.

If you don't agree with our final decision. Who cares? You can always leave a comment.

So it's monday and this week I've written two extra stories for the voting list just to spice things up for you. so this is what you've got to choose from.

Hungry Joe

Nose Bags

Johnny Grays



I would warn you that for those of you with a sensitive disposition one of these stories whilst mildly amusing will have you reaching for the Kleenex, my stories are not necessarily all funny. You get the lot, human drama, death, destruction the lot. Oh God I'm filling up just thinking about it.

So get voting, I've given you the clues in previous weeks you don't need any more
Except maybe to tell you Hungry Joe is a car not a person.

You knows it..

Rock on dudes

iPod now playing - What becomes of the broken hearted by Jimmy Ruffin


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