Monday, November 01, 2004

Name that band: Win a puppy

It's Monday and it's voting time. But this time it's a vote with a difference. There's two parts to it this week and this week only. You see I now have a new band. OK let's not get too dramatic here, it's more of a duo, with Del and me. Our first gig with this new format is in two weeks time and we need a name for the band. Obviously I'm Mike Da Hat and with me is Del Montage (not our reals names) So along with your vote for tomorrows story if you could think of a name for the new band it will be taken into consideration, hence the two part vote. This is like London Zoo running a competition to name the new baby Tiger or something. You could be contributing to musical history. When we're rich and famous and appearing on TV you can say "I gave them that name." So get thinking......

Meanwhile on the starting line for this weeks vote:

SHEEP - I thought the devil came in goat form. Fundamenta ejus in montibus sanctis. Quick draw me a pentagram and let me step inside with you, we'll fight the forces of evil together mwah ha ha ha.

CCTV - Big brother upsets Mrs Chumbsley-Smythe, the Masons get involved, funny hand shakes all round.

FLIES - William Golding this isn't. Lord of the flies?.... anything but.

HUNGRY JOE - I aint hungry and don't call me Joe just strap me to a tree and call me Brenda. Get out your Haynes manual we don't take prisoners.

NOSE BAG - Like a scene from Hammer house of horror, but without the horror, but it's nothing to do with horses. But then Hammer house of horror had nothing to do with horror.

PHEASANT - An ornithologists nightmare, just put away the shotgun. Betty laughed while she crocheted the funeral shroud.

Get voting. I can't guarantee any of the descriptions of the stories are anything like clues to their content. But you never know.

Rock on Dudes

iPod now playing - Back in the night by Doctor Feelgood


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