Monday, November 29, 2004


Stress? Wanna know about stress? I have a new PC. My old PC has been playing up for ages causing me untold misery, especially as I have to use it for my business. Well I splashed out and bought this new PC. Not a problem you'd think but I have to transfer data across from one to the other. First the CD writer has packed up. So I couldn't transfer every thing on a couple of CD's. So how about using floppy discs? Slower but possible. But wouldn't you know it my old PC works on a different format to the new one, so while I can fill a floppy disc, the new one can't read it. Then the A drive packs in anyway. SO now I have an old PC with no CD, no floppy and a hard drive that's looking definitely dodgy.
I have all my back log of stories on the old PC, I can't access them for the monday vote. And even if I could the new PC doesn't recognise the format they're written in. You see I've been using microsoft word, my new PC has microsoft office 2003. They are NOT compatible. Can you believe that? Un-fucking believable. All my drafts for my novel are on the old computer. So I'm stuck.
Luckily my friend Smashy is coming to the rescue with his super plug in data storage device. It's the size of a cigarette lighter and plugs into the USB port. He could save my life and what's left of my hair.
SO if any one can tell me how to make my word files readable on both formats I'd be grateful. You'd think people as clever as microsoft would have thought of this.

So I had a choice either be a meglomaniac dictator again and just give you the Tuesday story on a take it or leave it basis or write another story.
Look I'm busy, OK? But I was up at 6:00am to write you a story.
So it's not much of a vote but it is a vote, I'm giving you back your democracy.
Todays choice is

Zen and the Art of Being a Roadie

Zen and the Art of Dentistry

Zen and the Art of Hitch Hiking

For those who have told me they are enjoying the "Living with ..." series,. it will continue with "Living with an Ex- Hells Angel and a Nymphomaniac." watch this space.
Oh yeah before I go you've all heard of the Atkins diet and the Cambridge diet and all those others? Well my daughter Gemmalah has just lost over a stone (fourteen pounds), she's recovering from the Mumps, she couldn't eat. last time we spoke, she was eating baked beans with a cocktail stick because she couldn't open her mouth enough to get anything bigger into it.

In the meantime, get voting, how difficult can it be?

iPod now playing - Blurry by Puddle of mud


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