Monday, November 15, 2004

OMG it's another vote

Saturday night Del and I played the Exeter Arms Helpston. We couldn't think of a name for ourselves, despite all your suggestions (thanks for those) until we hit upon Delandahat. It seemed to say it all. Itwas our first gig together as just Del and I. A whole bunch of new songs and barely six hours rehearsal. Dels Fender telecaster was playing up so Saturday afternoon I had to dash over to my ex wifes house to borrow her Fender Stratocaster. She wasn't overly enthusiastic about the idea but she is a professional musician herself and so agreed to lend it to us.
I got to Dels after a lot of rushing about Diane was just serving up dinner to the kids. I suddenly realised that in all the rush I hadn't eaten since Friday. Hmmm so nothing new there then. I stood in their front room staring at their plates of food thinking "You aint going to eat ALL of that are you?" and thinking of ways to distract them while I stole their dinners. Diane said "Have you eaten?"
"er no. I forgot."
"Typical. Sit down dinner is on the way." She's a trooper is Diane. Within five minutes I had chicken and chips placed in front of me.
We finally got to the pub. Set up the equipment and started playing. What can I say? It was a little rough round the edges. Del was very experimental in his guitar work. During the second set Del decided to leave me to it. I was on a roll and he set about drinking the man who should not be named under the table. neither won that little contest. At the end we were paid and the landlord said we were brilliant and asked us to come back again. Result. WE can only get better as we keep on playing together.

So onto todays vote. I've written another story to add to the list. I must tell you that I don't always write funny stories so today you have a thirty three percent chancce of getting a story that isn't necessarily funny. Two of the six are not funny. But that's not to say they're not worth voting for. Oh listen to me blowing my own trumpet again. You know modesty is one of my finer points.

So here's the list:

Sheep - The usual mutant ninja sheep story, also involves a couple of canoes. Boring. Don't vote for this.

Picnic - This is the sequel to "Sheep" so I don't know why it's on the voting list no point voting for this one until you've voted for sheep.

Hungry Joe - I wouldn't vote for this either. Not unless you want to bore yourself rigid reading about overhead cams and twin choke webbers. Personally I'd rather put a gun to my own head.

Nose bag - God this one is so tedious I regret even writing it. Clip your toenails instead it'll be more exciting.

Pheasant - What could possibly be more boring than a twitcher/ornithologist spouting on about some feathered ex dinosaur he spotted. You've got better things to do.

Scuba - Some boring twat in a pub trying to impress his mates with tales of derring do. Derring don't more like. I'll have a half of mild. Now that's exciting. Who's got the crib board?

So vote away if you must, and tomorrow some tawdry little tale will appear on your screens.

Rock on Dudes

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