Friday, February 18, 2005

Calling a Cab Peterborough style

I know you're not going to believe this. It's just too fantastic. I must be making it up. Things like that don't really happen in the real world.
last night about 10:45pm I heard a commotion outside my gaff. I went outside to see what was happening. A few Asians were shouting and screaming at someone. I looked closer and they were shouting at this guy who was sitting on the bonnet of a black taxi cab. They were shouting at him to get of the taxi. The Asian taxi driver was waving his arms about shouting "You get off my Taxi, you get off right now."
"Fuck off you paki bastard."
"I am not a paki, I am an Indian please."
"Fucking Paki!"
"Get off my Taxi. I will call the police."
"Call who you like you Paki bastard." I guess the guy was pissed or stoned or something.
So the Taxi driver got in his cab and started the engine.
"Will you get off now please." he said.
"Fuck off." was the reply.
So he puts it in gear and drives off up the road with the guy still sitting on the bonnet. A minute later he comes back down the road with the guy still clinging onto the bonnet of the taxi. He pulls up outside my gaff again stopping real sharpish. The guy on the bonnet flies forward but still manages to cling on although his feet are almost on the pavement. Meanwhile the taxi drivers mates who'd been watching and shouting waded in to pull him off. There was a bit of a scuffle, as stoned guy was pulled bodily from the bonnet.
Then he managed to stand up, brush off his assailents, say"oh fuck the lot of you." and walk off in a zig zag pattern up the road.
I wonder if the Taxi driver had his meter running. "You owe me £2 for ride up and down the road please."

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