Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My hands are tied

Last night whilst watching Arsenal trounce Crystal Palace Del says to me "when you going to write some more."
And there's my problem. 90% of everything interesting I do involves Del, we play together, we rehearse together, we get ratted together. And of course because he has a very sensitive job very high up in the echelons of government, I'm not even allowed to mention his real name never mind the shennanigans we get up to. If the powers that be found out...... well hells fury and damnation would ensue.
Then there's the man who shall not be named. If I write about him I stand to loose my typing fingers. If I mention the blog in his presence I get the "look". That look that says everything. Publish and be damned because you certainly will be when I've finished with you.
Dels says to me "Nah, write what you like, but................."
So what can I tell you?
We're in the middle of recording our new album. DelandDaHat's valentines day CD. OK we're running late for this year. We've a few choice songs on it for example Tenacious D's "Fuck her gently" and Dels favourite "Dear penis". Now I must hasten to add that this is not necessarily what we play live on stage, well not until the audience are well and truly pissed anyway.
We also do Kevin Bloody Wilsons song "An absolute cunt of a day." again right at the end. Our act tends to start off badly, then goes down hill from there.
We have another recording project in the pipeline, that's "Mike Da Hat and friends compilation Album". As you can imagine most of my friends are musicians, and the idea has sort of captured all their imaginations. So the deal is who ever appears on the album chooses a song. Then we all have a go at it and see what happens. For instance my Mates Sandra and Franco are doing Bill Withers "Aint no Sunshine" with Sandra on vocals Franco on bass me on guitar and Dave the Chef or Simon on drums (bongos).
Simon will inevitably choose to do an Elvis number, don't know what as yet. Paul our sound engineer was roped in to play guitar on High and Dry a Radiohead cover sung by Del, I was on 12 string. Anyone wanting to listen to that it's available for down load right now as is Fuck her gently. So drop me a line or post a comment and I'll send it over.
So as you see I can't tell you much without incriminating myself, like I daren't tell you about Del asking me to stop off on the way over for some King sized Rizlas to do miniature brass rubbings with. My hands are tied.

Rock on dudes

iPod now playing - Cool for cats by Squeeze


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