Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lap Dancer

I went to my pub tonight. For a pint and a chat with the Quinn brothers.
Then Steve the landlord, changed channels on the satellite feed and put on Naked news. That's got to be seen to be believed. It's channel 235 if you haven't already seen it. There's all these cute girls reading the news. They come on wearing smart business suits and start reading the news. Then they do a striptease whilst still talking about President Bush. The clothes keep coming off until they are completely naked. You don't get that on the BBC.

I was at the bar ordering a pint when I heard this voice next to me. "Hello there. I haven't seen you in a long while." I looked to my left and there was my Lapdancing friend. She's cute as a button and only 25. But she already owns her own house outright. And it's not a small house either.
She is also incredibly intelligent and speaks several languages. Ages ago I asked her why she worked as a Lapdancer when she was so clever and knowledgeable. She put it very simply. She earns a shit load of money doing it, more money than she could ever earn doing a regular job. On top of that she has a daughter to support. A daughter she protects quite vigourously. To the point of working in London, rather than in her home town. She told me that the club she worked at had closed down and now she was working in Bournemouth. But a new Lapdancing club is opening in Peterborough. She has been offered work there but she's worried that it's too close to home. She doesn't want her daughter to have any part in what she does. I get the impression her daughter doesn't have a clue what she does. We chatted for about three or four minutes and she went off to be with her friends. She always talks to me when she comes in, which isn't often maybe once every three months. Maybe she appreciates the fact I don't judge her. I just talk to her about her job just like it's any other job. I don't ask details about exactly what she does in her routines. Though if we had more time it would be fascinating to see it from her point of view. The first time I met her was about a year ago. I was fascinated by how intelligent she was. She doesn't at anytime exude sex. She is so normal. She doesn't flirt or play on her sexuality. She talks sensibly and intelligently. Unless you knew her you'd never guess she was a Lapdancer. In a way I admire her for what she does and the way she composes herself. her friends are all common and loud. You'd think they were the Lapdancers. But she is quiet and respectful. Not quiet in the sense she doesn't say much. Because she does. She talks a lot but she talks in a calm and quiet manner. Her friends let her down. All dressed like tarts. With mouths to match. But my Lapdancer friend wears a smart unrevealing business suit. She has style she has class. She is twenty years younger than me. While all eyes were on the Naked news Channel, I was just happy to watch her move gracefully around the pub sipping her Vodka and orange. I don't have any fantasies about her or dreams. She's not my type and far too young. But I do admire her dignity. Even if I was twenty years younger I wouldn't think of her in any other way, just someone I feel priveliged to have met.

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